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SPA & Wellness Consultancy

SPA Concepts, Design, Feasibility and Management Support

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Navitas SPA offers three service packages; All three can be customized according to the needs of the project or operation.

SPA Center Consulting

We help you achieve your business goals and investment returns

SPA Design

Our team of experts will help you bring your dream SPA resorts to life.

Spa Development

After conceptualizing your SPA, we will manage the process to ensure a smooth, stress-free building process.

Spa Solution Partnership

Profit is shared over the turnover.

Spa Rental Management

Rent is charged for the existing Spa.


The purpose of the scrub foam massage is to open the pores in the whole body, to remove the dead skin at the top of the skin layer and to regain its old healthy state.

Scrub foam massage technique, which is an old Turkish tradition, is an effective method to refresh your skin and to get a healthy appearance by removing all dead cells.

In the scrub foam massage, the skin is first scrubbed so that all this dead skin is removed. With the help of a natural organic pouch, the upper layer is cleaned together with the foam, without damaging the skin, and the skin is allowed to breathe again. On the other hand, during this massage, the skin is massaged to increase blood flow and revitalize the skin. It is known that the scrub foam massage applied at regular intervals provides a lot of benefits for your skin to glow and have a healthy appearance. By scrubbing the whole body and purifying the lifeless, unhealthy layer from the skin surface, your skin will breathe, and the skin will be able to be fed with oxygen from the outside.

Why Navitas SPA?

With over 16 years of international SPA experience, we are able to demonstrate how to create a successful SPA business before the SPA is built.

Through my real-life personal experience of examining the needs of any new or existing SPA be successful, my creative vision, industry expertise, passion for SPA design, and my unique ability to create the perfect infrastructure from scratch, my experience includes:

  • Expert design and build project management
  • Implementation of new and innovative success strategies
  • Top-ranking relationship management training
  • Basic therapist and client retention outcomes
  • Presenting splendid customer experiences
  • Creating a seamless SPA business through unrivaled, proven, applied experience.

Navitas SPA Consulting, provides people-oriented HR/training solutions to transform demanding spas into world-class wellness centers with comprehensive business and operational management.

Healthy Living

You can take a look at our current articles about healthy living.

WHY SPA?Various massage and care techniques are applied in these centers, which are like modern spas.
SPA CULTUREThe purifying and relaxing effect of water, which is our irreplaceable source of life, occupies more space in human life for the last 20-25 years with the SPA culture.
BATH CULTUREThe bath tradition, which has been an important representative of cleaning, healing, entertainment and social sharing for a thousand years, has been reinterpreted with a perspective that is suitable for today.